quinta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2009

A valorização do dólar (01/01)

Um interessante artigo na The Economist (Currency comeback) sobre por que o dólar sobre ladeira acima quando a economia dos Estados Unidos vai ladeira abaixo. Um trecho:
    Moreover, the backing of Uncle Sam still counts for something. That will help the dollar if a slowing world economy gives investors in emerging markets a lasting bout of the collywobbles. (It seems a fair bet that it will.) Treasury notes are still regarded as a safe haven—and they will continue to be trusted, even if America has to issue many more billions of dollars’ worth to finance the bail-out of its banks. Stephen Jen, an economist at Morgan Stanley, points out that in past years there have been huge flows out of dollars and yen into European and emerging-market currencies, which will have to return. He has a long list of currencies that could come under severe pressure, which includes the Indian rupee, the South Korean won and the Brazilian real, as well as “most” east European currencies.

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