quinta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2008

Razões para a permanência de Gates (27/11)

O secretário de Defesa dos Estados Unidos, Robert Gates, está cotado para ficar no cargo na nova administração. Por quê? Talvez porque as idéias dele tenham mais a ver com Barack Obama do que com George W. Bush. Incrível? Veja este trecho de coluna de Fred Kaplan na salon.com:

If the reports are true that Robert Gates will stay on as President Obama's defense secretary, the move is a stroke of brilliance—politically and substantively. In his nearly two years at the helm of the Pentagon, Gates has delivered a series of speeches on the future direction of military policy. He has urged officers to recognize the shift in the face of warfare from the World War II legacy of titanic armored battles between comparably mighty foes to the modern reality of small shadow wars against terrorists and insurgents. More than that, he has called for systematic adjustments to this new reality: canceling weapons systems that aren't suited to these kinds of wars and building more weapons that are; reforming the promotion boards to reward and advance the creative officers who have proved most adept at this style of warfare; rethinking the roles and missions of the individual branches of the armed services; siphoning some of the military's missions, especially those dealing with "nation building," to civilian agencies. From the start, he knew that he wouldn't have time to make a lot of headway in these campaigns—which, within the military, represent fairly radical ideas. His intent was to spell out an agenda, and lay the groundwork, for the next administration. Now it seems he's going to be in the next administration. And it's a good bet that President Barack Obama will be more receptive to Gates' agenda than President George W. Bush ever was. First, Obama is open to new ideas generally. Second, at his Nov. 25 press conference, Obama said he would direct his new budget director to go over every program, every line item, with an eye toward eliminating those that don't work or aren't needed—and he pointedly included the Department of Defense among the agencies to be audited. In short, Gates might be able to do many of the things that until now he has managed only to advocate.

Leia na íntegra. E leia uma análise sobre o atentado de ontem em Bombaim, na Índia, análise que (acho que) faz sentido à luz do texto de Kaplan.


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Anonymous Anônimo disse...

E tem mais essa do NYTimes de hoje:


Pela primeira vez vejo uma menção na imprensa americana - ainda que sutil - à necessidade de controlar o consumo interno de drogas ao invés de exportar armas e guerra pra casa dos outros...

sexta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2008 10:21:00 BRST  

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